somewhere else more than that but I like I don't know I just like the packaging of this another one I get it by tip and it's the dollar so I keep cleaning these around just in case okay so we're gonna move on to insect repellent uh the efficacy of this has worked for me I don't know if it's better than a deed was off because I do like to eat was off and I tend to get a big one of those at the beginning of every summer from Walmart but this is by chase mmm is carried by Dollar Tree it's an insect repellent it provides continuous protection that lasts up to three hours after aJeune Fleur  gainst mosquitoes excuse me repels mosquitoes they may cause and transmit the Zika virus repels mosquitoes they may transmit West Nile virus with pals mosquitoes that may transmit encephalitis and the Jingu fever de n gue I'm but your net repels ticks and repels deer ticks they may transmit Lyme disease oh my god it's a lot of stuff you can get but this contains as the active ingredient DEET 15 percent so just to let you know I've used this I and when I go in the


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